Saturday, July 4, 2009

Recreational Fishermen Are Wearing Gore-Tex Rain Gear.

Recreational fishermen choose Gore-Tex rain gear over all other rain gear manufacturers for comfort,breathability,and staying dry.

Fishermen are always the leaders in finding the best rain wear because they get wet more often than the average bear ;-) So who better to follow in the footsteps of than a fisherman for your own needs in this field? Gore-Tex rain gear is tailored to the outdoor enthusiast and could not stay in business for over 30 years without being one of the best manufacturers in the field. Have you ever seen an unhappy fisherman while he/she is holding a giant fish? If so,they were soaked to the bone,chilled to the bone,and it didn't matter how good the fishing was,they were miserable. That is exactly why fishermen everywhere are turning to Gore-Tex rain wear.

When it comes to staying dry and warm in the elements you just cannot depend on a cheap set of disposable nylon rain gear to keep you comfortable through a rainy day. Gore-Tex rain jackets and Gore-Tex rain pants come in a variety of styles,so you can keep dry whether you are fishing,hunting,camping,working,or just enjoying the outdoors. They are also more flexible than just about any other type of rain gear I have ever worn,this is because the technology they use allows them to stay thin,but still repel water as well as much heavier brands. Gore-Tex rain wear will also keep you dry from the inside due to their ability to breathe even if you are working up a sweat fighting that lunker.

While wild mushroom picking I always wear Gore Tex rain gear because it is so durable. Even though I spend 8 hours climbing through the brush where rabbits and deer have trouble making a hole,my rain gear holds up to the abuse. The material is very thin,allowing me maximum flexibility,and yet has the durability of heavy pvc laden gear. When I take the gear off at the end of the day I am always dry and comfortable,even though I have been sweating profusely and had four inches of rain dumped on me throughout the day.

Gore-Tex rain suits are also very quiet in the brush,a huge plus for hunters out there. They even make heavier models targeted specifically to hunters that come in camouflage and several other colors. So whatever your outdoor needs are I must recommend Gore-Tex rain gear and apparel. Please be safe out there,whatever you are doing,and stay dry and warm.

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